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Scheduled Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a vital key in keeping any landscape operating at its full potential. When factoring in fertilization, pest control and water management, hands on experience must be prevalent. V&S Landscaping possesses the skills, the knowledge and the dedication in servicing our clients a exploratory level. In turn we leave our serviced properties healthy and continually thriving.

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Boca Raton and Palm Beach County Landscaping Service

Lot Clearing

Do you have a overgrown lot in need of routine maintenance? How about debris removal? Or require trash hauled away immediately? V&S Landscaping is available for routine service or on the spot debris removal. Servicing our clients and improving the community is at the fore front of V&S Landscaping.

Board & Secure

Having unsecured abandoned buildings in your on your property or city limits opens you business or city to safety and liability risks. Unsecured dwellings create crime and injury risks while also diminishing property values within the surrounding area. At V&S Landscaping, we will secure these premises by clearing out debris, boarding up windows & doorways, and clearing out overgrown landscape.

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Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.