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Our environment is continually changing, both economically and socially. Therefore, there are many unforeseen situations that may arise in regards to home ownership. Properties may fall victims to crimes, abandonment, or unexpected weather circumstances. In reaction to situations such as these, V&S Landscaping has designed, created and implemented our Board and Secure Initiative. This program provides a safe and secure solution to prevent unauthorized interior access and shelters the property from serve weather conditions. We currently partner with many local governments in order to secure vacant properties in a post-haste manner. Our licensed contractor will obtain all of the necessary permits and inspections required by the parenting municipality upon completion of the task. Additionally, we offer a 24hr response time for all Emergency Board Ups. We know you value your property and the possessions within, so please allow us to safely secure it if the situation should arise.

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Board and Secure

A safe way to secure your property

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